A Taste of Sacramento FAQs



Q - Are there age restrictions on who can attend the event?

A - Yes, the event is for 21 and older only as we will be serving alcohol. No babies or children will be allowed in the event! This is in compliance with the Sacramento Convention Center and ABC Licensing.


Q -Where do the proceeds from the event go?

A - Easter Seals Superior California is the host and beneficiary of the event, all proceeds will stay local and will go to help people with disabilities in the Sacramento Area.


Q - Why is my ticket tax deductible?

A -Because you are only purchasing a ticket to gain entrance to the event, we are able to offer this as tax exempt. All of our vendors are graciously donating their goods as free samples to help make this all possible!


Q - Will I have a guaranteed seat at the event?

A -If you purchase a VIP table, you will be guaranteed a seat and table in our VIP section. General admission tickets gain you entrance to the event but not guaranteed seating. Your ticket will show a seat number on it; however, this is just the format that Ticket.com prints out as, there are no scheduled or reserved seating with general admission, all tables and chairs are first come first serve. Most people will prefer to meander and talk with vendors and guests while stopping by an open table on occasion, more of a strolling event :.)


Q - What is the attire?

A -People come in all types of attire, from Hawaiian shirts and flip flops to black tie and everything in between! We would recommend comfortable shoes (the floors are cement) and the average guest is generally in business casual to casual.


Q - How does Registration for the Silent Auction work and how do I know it is secure?

A - Registration for the auction is fast, easy and secure! Our volunteer will write down your information (they do this for you so all handwriting is the same and legible) and will verify your identity using a drivers license. Once you have registered you will be given a bid number in place of your name to use when bidding. At the end of the auction our staff will immediately process all winning registered bidders and post the numbers for you to see. Since you will have already been processed, you will just need to provide your registration card (given to you at registration) and you can simply grab your items and go, no more waiting! All information is kept safe and secure during the event and destroyed immediately after the event.


Q - Will I be guaranteed samples if I need to come late to the event?

A - As this is a donated sampling event, we cannot guarantee the amounts or types of items that our vendors will bring. We do limit vendors to only food, wine and beer items (and possibly an item directly related on a case by case basis). We ask vendors to provide enough to serve guests all the way until 9pm; however, it can be very difficult to gage people's eating habits and some vendors will run out faster than others. We do everything possible to make sure everyone is satisfied but we apologize if your expectations differ from the selection provided.